Seminars and In-House Teaching

We invite anyone to come and observe procedures in our office. Visitors from all over the world have come to see how we use manually tuned micro ultrasonics, the periodontal endoscope, or a myriad of microsurgical procedures. Many of these procedures are also available to view on our Perioscopy Incorporated website ( and also on YouTube (search kwan dds, periodontal endoscopy, periodontal microsurgery or see our YouTube channel: periEau).

March 10-14

International Dental Show

Cologne, Germany

March 27,28

California Society of Periodontists

Napa, CA

May 7,8

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

San Francisco, CA

September 25,26

Western Society of Periodontology

Newport Beach, CA

October 16,17

Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Huntington Beach, CA

November 14-17

American Academy of Periodontology

Orlando, FL

January 6,7,8, 2016

Perioscopy Training

Dr. William Levine

Jerusalem, Israel

John Y Kwan D.D.S.